Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Spaces: Yogala Echo Park

To grow as a teacher and a student, sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone and meet some yogis in another neighborhood! Here's to exploring new styles, new classes, new teachers, and new spaces! This will be a new monthly post on Curiosities Abound! 

A huge purple barn door serves as the welcoming entryway to this intimate studio space. There is a single desk to check students in and a purposefully chosen retail space, offering a wide variety of products and yoga related gear. The studio has one room that is fairly long and wide, with windows framing either end of the studio space. It's in a quiet neighborhood that feels comfortable and welcoming. Jamie greeted us outside the room, which made me feel instantly at home when she started to teach. The room is white with sheer curtains on the back french doors that line the street. The windows were open during our class and the quiet sounds of the wind, the neighborhood slowly waking up, and our breath was all I could hear. 

Jamie's beginner flow was really beautiful and intentional. It was a really gentle sequence that helped us to subtly wake up and acknowledge parts of our practice and our bodies that we hadn't given enough love to. It was a great class for me, as I was knee deep in a five day a week Power Yoga regimen. It was a great way for me to practice without the intensity I was getting every other day of the week. At the end of class, while in an extended savasnana, Jamie asked us to close our eyes. While laying quietly on my mat, I slowly began to hear the vibrational movements of a gong at the front of the room. Jamie played for the entire length of savasana and at the end I felt as though the sounds had been absorbed in my body and had taken me completely out of my head. It was a transformational hour. The Blissfully Basic Class with Jamie Ford is offered on Sunday Morning's 9:30am-10:45am. 

Additional Information:

Website: Yogala Echo Park for all class schedules, pricing, and special events

Location: 1840 Echo Park Ave. LA, CA 90026, there is plenty of street parking available (with street cleaning restrictions) 

$39 for 30 days for new students. 
Accepts the Passport to Prana card for 1st time students. 
$17 Drop In Rate with several other packages available to suit all needs. 
$2 Mat Rental 
They offer donation-based classes during the week for those who are financially restricted. 

Props Available: 

Jamie Ford's Sound Bath Sundays 

Next Event at Yogala Echo Park is September 29th and October 18th

$22 per Sound Bath or $108 for a pack of 6
Reserve a space here

After my initial visit to the space and feeling right at home I decided to try our Jamie's Sound Bath Sunday with a friend of mine. For this nightly held class: bring a blanket & pillow or anything that makes you feel comfortable and deeply relaxed on your mat. The studio offers bolsters, blankets and blocks to assist, which I personally used, but I will bring more props from home for my next sound bath class. Each student gets very comfortable on their mat, whatever that might mean for you. The lights are off and candles were lit at the front of the space. Jamie brings in a different set of gongs for each sound bath, all of her gongs are vibrational tuned to planetary alignment and each sounds bath has a separate focus of vibrational energy. Then you lay back and close your eyes and Jamie plays the gongs and accompanying singing bowls for an hour. We were encouraged to move whenever we needed to and find a space of stillness that resonated with us. It was an amazing experience to be submersed in vibrational sounds for that long. I was really able to put my mind on silent and just be in the space, which for me, was a gift. 

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