Thursday, June 20, 2013

Trust: things have a way of working out

In a time of transition, these are some thoughts on trust. I'm searching myself for huge amounts of courage this week. Yoga Teacher Training started last night and I am nervous and so grateful to myself for taking this giant leap of faith into uncharted territory. 

Trust in your confidence
Trust in your body
Trust in your courage
Trust your openness
Trust in overcoming your fears
Trust in eradicating your anxiety
Trust in your breath
Trust in your struggle
Trust in your grace
Trust in your outcomes
Trust in your missteps
Trust in your friends
Trust in your family
Trust new experiences
Trust in seeing the silver living
Trust in walking through the darkness
Trust in abandoning your comfort zone
Trust in other people
Trust in your goals
Trust in your dreams
Trust that you already know the way
Trust that you will figure it out
Trust that you will forge a path
Trust that you are supported
Trust in love
Trust in creating new boundaries
Trust in exploration
Trust in yourself above all else. 

Roll down your windows and turn up these songs.
They have provided me with waves of inspiration through all of this transition. 

"Open" by Rhye

"Windsong" by John Forté and Sunsay

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