Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Teacher Training Week 4 & 5: Anatomy & Adjustments

Well, It's official. I've crossed over to the dark side (or the light side depending on how you look at it). After nine hours of training over over the last two weeks, I want to be a yoga teacher.
Just when I was about to give up on myself, give up on finding supreme joy in my work life, frustrated by being disconnected from myself and my purpose, I took a giant leap of faith and signed up for this training. Little did I know that five weeks later: I have gained a community of people who support me down to their bones, a studio to practice, a family, a place of courage inside myself I never knew existed, the knowledge that my voice has merit and strength, reconnecting to my body's needs, taking time to rest, and finding the tools within myself to construct a road map to a true sense of purpose.

It was my 26th birthday last weekend and for the first time in a long while I finally feel like I am coming into my purpose; that true sense of self where I am allowed to love my job, where I am allowed to love my life, and where I am allowed balance and community. Those are powerful and life changing things to discover in only five short weeks.

Two weeks ago, we had a six hour anatomy training weekend. It was amazing to be able to learn about the micro inner workings of our bones and muscles. I gained such a wealth of new information and understanding that I am sure will not be done sinking in for quite a long time. It's amazing how much our body does for us and how often we take it for granted. Next time you have a moment, think about something you take for granted in your body and acknowledge it's purpose and sincerely thank it for functioning.
Last weekend, we dove head first into adjustments. This was the most meaningful lecture for me thus far in this program. Adjustments can be such an amazing addition to a class. I am one of those yoga students that is jealously peering around the room to see who the teacher is helping adjust deeper into a pose, silently pleading to them,"Help me relax and move deeper into the pose!". I feel so grateful to have the tools and intuition to safety help others move there now. I feel like I was imbued with a super power and I can't wait to be able to use it! 
We had a fun time coming up with love adjustments and creepy/ouch adjustments! 
Our lecture was taught by some of my new favorite CPY ladies: Kristie Rose & Inanna & Racquel 

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