Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Home is where you make it

Our House
Home means pulling up to the driveway and feeling all put together, feeling contented, feeling safe, and feeling loved. This house holds holds a whole lot of love. It's been ten long months since I've been back home. I've missed a lot about Colorado, but mostly I've missed the people (and animals) behind this front door.

I spent the week basking in the cool fall air, listening to crickets quietly chirp to each other on my mom's back porch, found time to read a few blissful pages in a new book, helped my mom work in a new client's garden, watched some movies on the couch, visited the Botanic Gardens, saw my sister in all her glorious success, took a full breath of some really fresh air, went jeeping in the mountains with my dad, saw the Aspens in their full yellow beauty, took a really long nap, had dinner amongst my dearest friends, curled up while it snowed outside, and quietly admired the place that I miss but have also grown out of.

The craziest part of growing up is realizing that home is where you make it. Home for me will always be encased in the walls of this house, but home is also bursting from the seams in Los Angeles. This was the first time I went home and missed the ones I left behind.

Downtown Denver the Terrace where my sister lives
My girl, Nola. 
Jeeping! Happy Happy!
Dad and I on the trail!

Me and my girl!
The Botanic Gardens with my Mom! Gorgeous Sculpture! 

One of my favorites from the day! Beautiful Cactus!


Mom and I! Happy as clams!
Seeing a movie in the middle of the day!

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