Thursday, December 26, 2013

Turn Your World Upside Down

Last weekend, a dear friend of mine took me to the ocean. Even through I have lived in Los Angeles for almost four years, somehow I NEVER make it to the beach. Every time I venture back onto the sand, I wonder, "why don't I come here more often?" Sometimes seeing the world through a clear blue sky, feeling buttery sunlight streaming down onto your face, and hearing the ocean waves crashing against shore, puts the world back in perspective. You take a few moments to notice that some things are meant to be truly savored, some things demand your full attention, some things are worth slowly down to really examine and explore. Try, in this very moment, to find something in your life worth really slowly down for, and find a way to put more of that delicious goodness into your everyday life on a regular basis. I'll try and do the same!

Note to self: Downward facing dog, in the sand, while the waves kiss your toes and staring at the clearest blue sky up beyond you, could change the way you see the world. It's changed mine. 

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