Monday, July 21, 2014

Twenty Seven

Yesterday marked my twenty seventh year on this planet. Twenty. Seven. That seems serious, big, grown-up. A number that takes some reflection and some deep gratitude.

Yesterday, I woke up next to my boyfriend of almost four years, and like I do every morning, I soaked in his sleeping face and felt at home, a deep sense of trust and unparalleled vulnerability. It amazes me that after all of these days and nights,  he still finds new ways to gaze into my eyes and make me feel as if I am the only person in the world that has ever mattered this much.

This year marked the first since moving to Los Angeles that I had a tribe to celebrate beside. A group of beautiful human beings that inspire, motivate, champion, root for, challenge, ground, and uplift me; each and every day. As the night wound down and the glasses filled with dark red wine, we fell into a easy laughter; a small group that was open and willing to get to know the neighbor next to them with ease and openness. I am so grateful for this family. This home away from home. Without them I would be lost here, in this confusing and often heart breaking city. But with these people in my life, I find that I am able to stand a bit straighter, feel a bit softer, and love a bit bigger that I thought imaginable.

This is for you. Those of you that let me know that I have a place in your life  and that it is meaningful and deep. To all of you, you warm my heart and make it easier and easier to build a life in this strange and beautiful city. To you I am so very grateful.

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