Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A guy + a girl + a couple of years

"When we accept each other, we help save each other." - Stephen Chbosky

Year One
Year Two 
Year Three

There are those people in your life that change everything. Thom, you are one of them. 

I've have lived and breathed transformation these past three years. I've seen several versions of myself emerge and be irrevocably altered. I've been at my worst and try everyday to be at my best. This man shows me how to be my most honest self, my most vulnerable self, my most secret self, my most happy self, my most beautiful self, my most confident self, my most open self, my most challenged self, my most blessed self, my most intimate self, my most trusting self, my most transformative self, my most buoyant self, my most loved self; my MOST self. These past three years he has taught me more about myself that I ever thought I had to learn. 

I felt the need to say thank you to the man in my life. Thank you for being you and for chasing your dreams, and for always making space for me and mine. 

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