Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Woman I Live Up To Becoming

This is my mom. My guide. My warrior. My champion. My strength. My inspiration. My courage. My beauty. My challenger. My listener. My partner in crime. My predecessor. My advice column. My teacher. My lifeline. My rock. My shoulder to cry on. My backboard. My best friend. My gardner. My wisdom. My supporter. My biggest fan. My risk taker. My source of creativity. My inspiration. My go-getter. My refusal to give up. My self-sacrificer. My open heart. My smile. My joy. My unconditional love. My role model. My reason for existence. My badass. My curly hair. My scarf wearer. My always doer. My can't sit still. My pusher. My independent woman. My goal maker. My identity. My sense of self. My lunch date. My wondrous dreamer.

To you, my beautiful mom, thank you for all that you are and all that I am becoming.

I am so lucky that you are mine forever and always.

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