Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Values: A roadmap for life

Close your eyes.

Think about those things you hold most dear in life. 

Take 60 seconds to write down all the words that manifest themselves. 

These words are your truth. Your essence. Your guide. The way in which you choose to show up in the world. 

The other night I had the esteem pleasure of sitting down with goal coach, Jacki Carr, and seven other incredible woman. All of these women showed up with open hearts and minds; choosing vulnerability as a place to begin from. It's amazing to be a witness to others vulnerability. When we choose to let others see us when the guard is down, when we feel lost, when we feel lonely, when we feel uncomfortable; amazing things happen. 

We spent the night opening our physical heart space with a restorative yoga practice, then jumped into some heavy mental lifting of the spirits with Jacki, and then spent some time talking really openly about woman and money with my beautiful friend Anna Marie. This was a truly transformative night ya"ll and it all started with a few little words. 

Words have power and deep meaning, but words also serve a multitude of contexts and each and every one of us sees our truth in different ways. 

Truth for me is family. It's honesty. It's gratitude. It's balance. It's stability. It's community. It's support. It's love. It's connection. It's change. All of these values make up who I am at my most vunerable self. It's takes a lot of courage to live up to your values: to live a life that reflects those values and to choose to honor them everyday. 

But as Jacki so poingiantly reminded us, "When you love yourself enough to give it all, you get it all". Vunerability is where the best stuff begins. 

For a few minutes find somewhere quiet and beautiful and then find those words that guide you, that move you, that rock you, so you can find your roadmap to creating a life set in infinite possibility. 

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