Monday, March 17, 2014

Letting go, and Dropping in

I recently decided that in the next five years I want to spend six months in New York City and study with my teacher Elena Brower. Elena's teaching has inspired me for almost two years now. She is a teacher from afar, someone I only get to practice with in person about three times a year. Her deeply personal practice has not only informed her teaching style, but also her ability to truly connect and create intuitive sequences for her students. After my first class with Elena, I knew she would help shape and inform my path as a teacher and reinvigorate my dedication as a student.

There are several long term developments that I need to shift and incorporate into my life in order to apply for this teacher immersion. One of those is to practice consistently with a set of teachers who inspire me. So tonight, in my quiet room, with the windows open to the cool breeze, nothing but me and my mat laid out on the floor, I let myself quietly be guided into a soothing restorative practice with Elena's easy voice taking me on the journey inward.

Sometimes, I think we underestimate the need to push the pause button, to tune in to conversation with our bodies, to listen with intention, to be truly heard. My body was wrecked with exhaustion and long periods of sitting this week and even the smallest of postures made my body sing. If I tapped into this quiet surrender more often, I think we can find miraculously that we can heal our bodies, our minds, our fears, our anxieties, our self-doubts. All it takes is a few moments to let go and drop in. Chances are all you need to do is listen.

What are you letting go of? How are you dropping in?

via mb art studios

I was just recently at the Renegade Craft Show (SXSW Edition) in Austin, TX and had the sincere pleasure of meeting Mary Burrows of mb art studios and discovered her amazing handmade ceramics. Check out her etsy store, she has some many beautiful pieces and will even create custom orders by request. Her pieces truly inspired me.

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